Therapy Dog Taskmaster Collection

$ 57.00

Here is a complete Therapy Dog Taskmaster Collection with a large Train 'Em! grab bag. Included is:

1 Linen Large Drawstring Grab Bag:

The dimensions of the entire bag is 12 by 14" and the holding area is 11.5" by 12" The bag is made of natural tan colored linen with a hemp drawstring. "Train 'Em!" is hand stenciled along the bottom left of the bag. The lettering is painted on with acrylic screen print paint and will stand up to washing. You have a choice of lettering colors: Black, blue, and purple with more choices coming soon.

1 Complete AKC Canine Good Citizen Task Pack. Included in this pack:

- 1 Header Card
- 4 Come When Called Cards
- 4 Accepting a Friendly Stranger Cards
- 4 Sit or Down Stay Cards
- 4 Walking Through a Crowd Cards
- 4 Sit Nicely While Being Petted Cards
- 4 Reaction to Different Distractions Cards
- 4 Supervised Separation Cards
- 4 Reaction to a Strange Dog Cards
- 4 Appearance and Grooming Cards
- 4 Walking on a Loose Leash Cards
- 4 Play!! Cards

1 Complete AKC Community Canine Task Pack. Included in this pack:

- 1 Header Card
- 4 Wait Under Control While Owner is Occupied Cards
- 4 Leave It Cards
- 4 Accept a Stranger Approaching & Carrying an Item Cards
- 4 Recall with Distractions Cards
- 4 Sit/Down Stay While Owner Returns Carrying an Item Cards
- 4 Sit Stay in a Small Group Cards
- 4 Loose Leash Walking in a Natural Setting Cards
- 4 Walking Through a Crowd in a Natural Setting Cards
- 4 Walking Past Distraction Dogs Cards
- 4 Enter/Exit a Doorway or Passage Under Control Cards
- 4 Play!! Cards

1 Complete Therapy Dog Testing (based on Therapy Dog International's test.) Included in this pack:

- 1 Header Card
- 4 TDI Entry Table/reception desk Cards
- 4 Check In and Out of Sight Cards
- 4 Getting Around People Cards
- 4 Group Sit Stay Cards
- 4 Group Down Stay Cards
- 4 Recall on a 20' Leash Cards
- 4 Visiting a Patient Cards
- 4 Reactions to Unusual Situations Cards
- 4 Leave It: Person Cards
- 4 Leave It: Food Cards
- 4 Meeting Another Dog Cards
- 4 Entering Through a Door to Visit a Facility Cards
- 4 Reaction to Children Cards
- 4 Play!! Cards

 ** please note, there are no exercise descriptions on the back of task pack cards ** For more information on why,  please visit this Tasks FAQ. 

Train 'Em Task cards are printed on recycled, 24 lb. white paper and laminated with 3mm sheets. They are the same size as a traditional business card (3.375" long and 2.1875" long) Train 'Em Task cards are packed in ivory colored, sheer organza drawstring bag.

How to use the Train 'Em Tasks system:

The task cards are to be used with the Train 'Em Tasks linen grab bags. To make your daily training game plan, pull a couple of task cards from your grab bag and train those exercises. For obedience I might pull 3 - 5 cards and work each exercise for 5 - 10 minutes depending on the task. For agility, I will pull two task cards and pick drills, sequences, or a course that will work those tasks. After you have completed your tasks, you can put them back into your bag or set them side until your bag is empty. That way, you can make sure you and your dog work all of your tasks (I personally have a separate bag for spent tasks.)

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