Puppy Manners Task Card Pack

$ 15.00

Start your new puppy off on the right paw learning good dog manners with Puppy Training Train 'Em Tasks paired with a Puppy Kindergarten like class. These task cards can be started with puppies that are as young as 8 weeks old and are appropriate for puppies as old as 6 months.  Puppies at that young age can start learning their name, how to get used spending time in a crate, sit, and down. These sort of beginner training exercises and other puppy lessons like structured socialization, learning to go say hi properly, and drop it/trade game are included in this task pack. All of the tasks included are based on things that would be taught in any positive based training puppy class. There are 10 specific task cards make up the Puppy Training Tasks Pack (4 cards of each task.) There are 45 cards in total:

- 1 Header Card
- Come or Here Cards
- Go Say Hi Cards
- Sit Cards
- Down Cards
- Crate Training or Crate Games Cards
- Drop it or Give Cards
- Walk on a Leash Cards
- Name Recognition Cards
- Short Stays Cards
- Structured Socialization Cards
- Play!! Cards

 ** please note, there are no exercise descriptions on the back of task pack cards.** For more information on why,  please visit this Tasks FAQ. 

Train 'Em Task cards are printed on recycled, 24 lb. white paper and laminated with 3mm sheets. They are the same size as a traditional business card (3.375" long and 2.1875" long) Train 'Em Task cards are packed in ivory colored, sheer organza drawstring bag.

Shipping overages are refunded on multiple item orders when applicable...so if you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to ask.

How to use the Train 'Em Tasks system:

The task cards are to be used with the Train 'Em Tasks linen grab bags. To make your daily training game plan, pull a couple of task cards from your grab bag and train those exercises. For obedience I might pull 3 - 5 cards and work each exercise for 5 - 10 minutes depending on the task. For agility, I will pull two task cards and pick drills, sequences, or a course that will work those tasks. After you have completed your tasks, you can put them back into your bag or set them side until your bag is empty. That way, you can make sure you and your dog work all of your tasks (I personally have a separate bag for spent tasks.)

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