House Cleaning Task Card Pack with grab bag

$ 33.50

Here's a different spin on our Train 'Em Tasks task cards which have been solely based on dog training so far. We're introducing a new line of task card packs but for people!! The first in this line of Train 'Em Tasks products are our House Cleaning Task Card Pack. I use the Train 'Em Tasks cards religiously with training my dogs and I thought "Well, why don't I make and use these to clean my house!"

I know that when cleaning day comes or if I want to do a few things around the house to clean, I get stuck on where to start or what to do. And sometimes I get so stuck that I don't clean anything. Now, on cleaning day, I will pull a couple of cards from the Clean It! grab bag and that is what I clean in my house that particular day. I'll put those pulled cards aside in the organza bag they come in. The next time I have time to clean, I'll pull a couple of more cards and do those house cleaning projects. Sometimes I'll pull 1 card every day and just to that so I stay on top of things. Once you have gone through all of the cards, they go back into the grab bag and you can start again with a full pack.

In the task card pack, there are 83 different house cleaning tasks and a title card. I do NOT have instructions on how to clean on the back of the cards. But, the different rooms of the house that are covered in the cleaning task pack are: kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, home office, and bedrooms. The cleaning tasks are fairly universal and we hope that they cover you for what sort of home you have.

Train 'Em Task cards are printed on recycled, 24 lb. white paper and laminated with 5mm sheets. They are the same size as a traditional business card (3.375" long and 2.1875" long) Train 'Em Task House cleaning cards are packed in a white, sheer organza drawstring bag.

The dimensions of the Clean It! grab bag is 8 by 10" and the holding area is 7.75" by 8" The bag is made of natural tan colored linen with a hemp drawstring. "Clean It!" is hand stenciled along the bottom left of the bag. The lettering is painted on with black acrylic screen print paint and will stand up to washing.