Full Size AKC 2017 Rally Advanced/Intermediate Expansion Set

$ 6.75

Here is our a set of full sized (8 x 11.5") the new 2017 AKC Rally Advanced/Intermediate signs additions. Included are signs 119 - 123. On the backs of the signs, the sign's exercise description is printed as well for easy reference while on the course laid out with these signs.

These signs are laminated with 3 mil laminate and printed 110 lb. card stock. They will stand up when placed on or in a sign holder. These are not regulation signs due to the exercise descriptions on the back and the colors are a bit lighter. These sign sets are intended for training purposes only and not for trial use.  

Shipping overages are refunded on multiple item orders when applicable...so if you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to ask.


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