Cold Weather or Cold Car Emergency Contact Sheet

$ 2.75

Just because it's winter and the risks of hot cars and dogs has passed, cold weather can be just as dangerous.  Many of us may take our dogs out with us for the day during the winter and not think twice about it. Dogs left in cars at any time of year have become an issue that people are now very aware of and take very, very seriously. But there are times when dog owners may need to keep their dog contained in their car during the winter season. (Dog shows, vet visits, etc.)

With the assistance of, Train 'Em Tasks is now offering an Emergency Contact Sheet for those of us who need to contain dogs in our vehicles during cold weather. I'm sure that we all would want to be contacted directly if our dogs raise concern while in cars instead of the police being contacted or a window being smashed by a concerned person.

The Emergency Contact Sheet is printed on a 8.5" by 11" white sheet of 32lb paper and laminated with a sheet of 5ml laminate. There is a hole punched in the top of the sheet and you will be supplied with a 1.5" wide suction cup. The Emergency Contact Sheet may be attached to the inside of any car window so it can be seen by people passing by. Printed on the sheet are the signs and symptoms of hypothermia in dogs and the instructions to call or text your phone number if there is concern of any kind. We have left a large space for phone numbers to be written on with permanent/indelible markers. 

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