CDSP Utility Obedience Task Card Pack

$ 12.50

CDSP (Companion Dog Sports Program) Obedience is a venue of competitive obedience which was derived from St.Hubert's obedience. It is an inclusive organization where purebred dogs, mixed breeds, and even dogs with disabilities are allowed to participate. They offer Starter Novice through Utility and versatility classes. Dogs and handlers are able to earn ribbons, titles, and championships just like with the more well known obedience venues. What makes CDSP different from the other obedience venues? Handlers are able to talk to, praise, and give food rewards while in the ring. There are no group exercises where more than one dog is working in the ring at a time.

Utility obedience is the highest level of competitive obedience a dog and handler can achieve.  At this level, the heeling is off leash with command signals done at a distance, a dog must run to the end of the ring and then turn and take a jump as directed by the handler, and chose a scent article with the handler's scent on it.  A dog and handler can earn their Utility Dog (UD-C) title at this level of obedience. Once a team has earned their UD-C, they may continue to compete in Open and Utility to earn their Utility Dog Excellent (UDX-C)  and possibly the highest of all obedience titles - The Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH-C.) Here all of the Utility obedience exercise tasks are supplied like the directed jumping, moving stand, and the signal exercises.  There are 8 different task cards (4 cards of each task) and 4 Play! cards that make up the Utility Obedience task pack. There are 37 cards in total:

- 1 Header Card
- Signal Exercise Cards
- Scent Article Cards
- Go Out Cards
- Directed Jumping Cards
- Directed Retrieve Cards
- Moving Stand and Exam Cards
- Seek Back Cards
- Baseball Cards
- Play!! Cards

 ** please note, there are no exercise descriptions on the back of task pack cards ** For more information on why,  please visit this Tasks FAQ. 

Train 'Em Task cards are printed on recycled, 24 lb. white paper and laminated with 3mm sheets. They are the same size as a traditional business card (3.375" long and 2.1875" long) Train 'Em Task cards are packed in ivory colored, sheer organza drawstring bag.

Shipping overages are refunded on multiple item orders when if you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to ask.

How to use the Train 'Em Tasks system:

The task cards are to be used with the Train 'Em Tasks linen grab bags. To make your daily training game plan, pull a couple of task cards from your grab bag and train those exercises. For obedience I might pull 3 - 5 cards and work each exercise for 5 - 10 minutes depending on the task. For agility, I will pull two task cards and pick drills, sequences, or a course that will work those tasks. After you have completed your tasks, you can put them back into your bag or set them side until your bag is empty. That way, you can make sure you and your dog work all of your tasks (I personally have a separate bag for spent tasks.)

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