What people say about Train 'Em Tasks!

   - From Maria:

      I just wanted to tell you how great the little Rally sign books are.  I love that there is some blank space—I can write in notes to remind myself of things—like on the one where you tell your dog to wait and move on—I wrote not to slow down so I don’t confuse my dog.  I love that they are laminated—I can highlight in a yellow marker areas to remember etc. and they stay clean.

  - From Marta:

    Received my order today. THANKS. I hope to motivate myself to train more often with the task bag and Rally signs. Just wanted to let you know I like the mondio level one cards. Will have to order more soon!

   - From Nita:

     Jett got her RN today. Three trials. No classes. The only training tool I used was Train Em Tasks pack. Okay, and the cards. Beautifully made cards, which shipped really fast. They are really helpful in keeping me organized in training - especially as I am training two dogs, at different levels, for multiple venues. Highly, highly recommend.

    - From "Sparky":     

   I love the full size cards. They are easy to read and understand. I had no idea what I was doing until the train'em cards. Now looking for the smaller ones on a ring used for AKC Rally. Gained enough knowledge and confidence to enter a show. Thanks for the great tools

   - From Cristen: 

   These training task cards are a wonderful idea. Cristin was super friendly to work with and my order arrived quickly. The cards are very durable and will last me a long time. It’s been so easy to draw a couple cards each day and work on simple tasks. Napoleon’s favorite card is PLAY! Haha. Thank you Cristin! We are very happy with our order. :)

   - From Erin:

A great tool for drilling your pup. We tend to only work on the tasks that I can remember off the top of my head...which means we're practicing the same thing over and over. This is a great tool to be sure you're practicing all of the signs.  

    - From Sharon and Sira:

     These are the best addition to my training program ever!  I have both the small and the large cards which I use extensively.  From setting up front yard courses in the summer to random drawing cards for winter practice - they are such a great help in reinforcing those necessary skills. And to top it all off - Cristin is the absolute best.

     - From Sue:

     Received my Rally prep set of cards. Really great to review, and cleared up questions I had about most of the exercises. Thanks Cris!

      - From "T & J":

      I love our cards! We are in our first rally class so these cards are making me feel a little more comfortable in my training.  Just wanted to let you know while we were at class tonight my instructor implied "she could tell we had been practicing with the new cards at home"! I had commented to her weeks back I would be ordering some..thanks again Train 'Em Tasks!

   - From Jaimee:
     I personally think Train 'Em Tasks is one of the most brilliant ideas to hit the training world in a long time.
   - From Barb:
       Task cards from Cris Larson... I pick 6 rally tasks a day and execute, makes it easier than planning what to do..http://www.trainemtasks.com/ these rock,, I just pick cards and train... saves me all the angst of , this or that? what should I work on,, luck of the draw.. 185 days to the nationals, thanks Cris Larson"

   - From "Coach's Mom":

      I am currently working with my first competition dog. So I am always looking for simple things to improve my training skills. Train 'Em Tasks are easy to use. And they help to remind me to work on all the things we need to do. Thanks Cris!!

   - From "Grit's Mom":
     Grit says THANK YOU for the CGC Train 'Em Tasks. He celebrated his 6 month birthday by passing! He is a BIG fan!