Train 'Em Tasks Breaking News!!!

- If you haven't heard, the AKC has made some significant changes to their Rally Obedience program. They added two new classes to their trials and a bunch of new signs. Train 'Em Tasks has updated our AKC Prep Packs and our Full Sized AKC Rally Sign sets and have added expansion packs so you can supplement our products you may already have. If you need to update your Rally products, head to our AKC Rally Product page and take a look around! We have not gotten around to updating our AKC Rally Task Card packs yet, we're more or less triaging our Rally products and getting those orders out. We're hoping in the next two weeks, we'll have the Task Card Packs updated and expansion task card packs available.

- So we have some new Task Card Packs in the shop - IPO1 and IPO2 cards! IPO is a type of dog sport developed in Germany that has 3 different phases to their tests - Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. It was originally developed as a breed test for German Shepherds but IPO today welcomes many different breeds such as Rottweilers and Malinois to compete. Today's IPO tests are challenging and define if a dog has courage as well as control and obedience. IPO3 cards have been made and will be available soon in our store!

- The Black and Tans have been trying their hands at USDAA agility this past month. Lars has been playing in their Veterans Gamblers and Jumpers classes which he find very fun. Mr. Lars earned his first Veterans Gamblers Q with a 1st place back in August. Ocean just earned his first P3 Gamblers Q with a second place in September!! O also earned his 4th Time2Beat Q with a first place in AKC the trial before! Good Boys you rocket dogs!!

- It's summer time and we're getting back to making new products! We've been focusing on increasing our UKC Rally items for those of you who like to play there. We have UKC Rally Levels 1, 2, and 3 in task packs now. We have UKC Rally as a Taskmaster set as well. For full sized sign sets, we have Level 1 available right now and plan to get the other levels completed soon! If you click here: URO Rally Products this will take you to all things UKC Rally. We have a bunch of other new Task Card Packs coming down the production pike so keep checking back on what's new!