How to Use Task Pack Cards



The task cards are to be used with the Train 'Em Tasks grab bags. To make your daily training game plan, pull a couple of task cards from your grab bag and train those exercises. For obedience I might pull 3 - 5 cards and work each exercise for 5 - 10 minutes depending on the task. For agility, I will pull two task cards and pick drills, sequences, or a course that will work those tasks. After you have completed your tasks, you can put them back into your bag or set them side until your bag is empty. That way, you can make sure you and your dog work all of your tasks (I personally have a separate bag for spent tasks.)

    And about those "Play" Cards....they are important. We as trainers forget to truly enjoy our dogs sometimes. Play helps maintain a good relationship between us and our dogs. If I pull a play card...I will break up my training time and play with my dog while training. It could be a good game of tug, fetching a ball, or just chasing each other around. I will play as long as I train something...and that could be up to 10 minutes. Some days, you may play more than you train...and that's probably a good thing. ;)

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So let's get training with Train 'Em Tasks!!