Exercise Descriptions



        No, I didn't put exercise descriptions on the back of the cards and that is on purpose. I didn't want people to pull a card and do exactly what the card says every time they pull it. I want people to be creative when they train...make the exercise a game, think about different ways to proof the exercises, will they break down the exercise to just a part of it to work on that day, or will they just work that actual exercise like they would in the ring? People take things so literally...what might work for my rottweilers who have a lot of drive, may not work for a dog who is lower drive or softer in temperament. I want people to think about what they are going to train...not just train what the back of the card says. For more comments on why there are no exercise descriptions on the backs of the Task Pack cards, please visit this blog post: Why are there no exercise descriptions?

      The task pack cards were never intended to teach people how to perform the various exercises the cards offer. The task cards are not supposed to replace working with an instructor or taking a group class, but are to enhance your training on your own. They are supposed to change up your training routine when you pull cards at random instead of getting stuck in ruts of what's comfortable and/or easy. 

       For Rally Obedience, we do have products like the Prep Packs and the Full Sign Sets that do offer exercise descriptions. At some point, I'll make prep packs that have photos or explanations for various exercises featured in the Task Card Packs. But, in the meantime, if you need help locating references for training ideas that parallel with your task packs...I or your instructors can point you in right direction.