About Tasks


     How Train 'Em Tasks came about in 2013, was I made a ton of little tiny task cards with various exercises, drills, and some even say "play" for both agility and obedience. Each sport has their own grab bag of cards and every day I pull a couple of cards and that is what the dogs and I work on for that day. I tend to become scattered and/or overwhelmed with training since I do train multiple sports and the tasks keep me focused. When I'm focused, I can concentrate on detailed training with the dogs.

   I've really come to embrace my bags of task cards idea so I don't hammer things that don't need to be hammered or to Heeling Task Packmake myself work on stuff that are foundation skills or things that I'm avoiding for whatever reason. I find (especially in agility,) it's so easy to just go out there and run stuff just for the sake of running. That's where I get into trouble....I just want to work on advanced or new stuff and not maintain skills we have or revisit old skills. Train 'Em Tasks makes me work on maintaining skills I would blow off. If I pull the same card 3 days in a row...we work that piece of training for 3 days in a row. Then I may not see it again for a week. The cards help randomize your training so you don't get stuck in a training rut.

    I discovered something about using these little tasks cards when I started my Utility Obedience journey with Lars. He had been learning all of these new exercises and he wasn't very confident with them in the beginning. When I pulled an exercise or task that he knew, I saw him light up like "Okay, I got this!" I think it really helped him from becoming too stressed out with always working new things.

   These past couple of years since Train 'Em Tasks has been developing, our line of products have become more diverse to include grab bags, prep packs, and rally obedience sign packs. I'm excited to see how the Train 'Em Tasks products offered continues to develop. Please keep checking back to see what new Train 'Em Tasks products are introduced on a regular basis.