Pet and Puppy

Any relationship we have with our dogs starts at this level: Puppy and Basic/Pet Obedience. Having a dog that has good manners and is easy to manage in daily life situations is a must.  Train 'Em Tasks are not just for people who compete with their dogs in dog sports. We have products for the every person who shares their life with a dog. Within the Basic and Puppy Obedience you will find the tasks for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test which is a stepping stone for therapy dog work. For more advanced levels of basic obedience we have tasks and tasks packs for the Community Canine (CGCA) testing  We offer complete multi-card packs of the tasks cards as well as tasks cards individually in packs of 4 cards. All complete multi-card task packs come with that all important "PLAY!" card. Grab bags are sold individually and with specific starter task packs.